At an international preschool, Superepion, students are totally immersed in English speaking environment. Children are learning foreign cultures by placing games, eating, singing and having fun through various activities.

Japanese target:6 months ~3rd grade at primary school


Application Procedure

1.Apply for free trial lesson

You can apply for a free trial lesson on our website.
Our staff will call you when your application is confirmed, to decide the date for the trial.

2.Free trial lesson will be about 2 hours long*, so you can see how your child will match our program. ※マザーシップクラスのみ50分間です。

You will see how your child is enjoying our program from outside the classroom.
After the lesson, our staff will explain our system.
We will listen to the comments from you, suggesting an appropriate program.

3. After everything is thoroughly clear, our staff will explain the application procedure.

When you are fully satisfied with the trial lesson and our program, our staff will explain the admission procedure in detail.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

4.Regular Lessons

During the school year, the school manager and teachers support both the children and the parents.
So if you have any anxiety or question, please contact us anytime.