At an international preschool, Superepion, students are totally immersed in English speaking environment. Children are learning foreign cultures by placing games, eating, singing and having fun through various activities.

Japanese target:6 months ~3rd grade at primary school


We will answer any of
your questions about Superepion.

Q01Can campus tour and trial lesson be arranged?

We accept campus tours at any time. Trial lessons can be arranged over the phone. Call us anytime!

Q02 Do you accept new enrollments at any time?

Basically children can start the program at any time through of the year, but we have to refuse the enrollment when we reach the fixed number in a class. We apologize in advance for that.

Q03How many days a week is my child supposed to attend school? Are there any fixed number of days per a week?

Our students come to school once a week or more. Parents can choose how many days they want their children to attend the school. Parents can change the frequency of the children's attendance at school on a monthly basis. When parents are serious about the improvement of their children's English skills, their children frequently attend school 3 to 5 days a week.

Q04Can younger and older siblings study in the same class?

Yes, they can as long as they are in the same age group.What's more, younger siblings can receive a discount in the enrollment fee.

Q05What is the procedure for enrollment?

First of all, please request information materials and apply for a trial lesson. For details, please see enrollment procedure.

Q06When my child has to cancel a class because of illness or some other reasons, can I transfer that class to another day?

When that happens out of necessity, please contact our school. We will transfer that class to another day. ※Please note that we have a rule for transferring the class.

Q07My child is still in diapers? Can he enroll at your school?

At toilet time, our staff will check the diaper and will change if necessary. So please bring extra ones.

Q08When a child has allergies, how do you treat the case?

During the enrollment procedure, we ask parents to submit documents outlining the health conditions of your child. When we find the necessity of special consideration for a child, we listen to the parents further and handle the case appropriately.

Q09Can parents observe the lesson?

When parents observe the lesson, children tend to become extremely conscious of their parents, which disturbs the progress of the program. This is to be avoided. At the end of every lesson, the homeroom teacher explains to parents what the children did for the day and how the they were. With this system, parents can grasp the lesson contents and how their children have responded in class.

Q10Do you have a parking bay?

No, there isn't a Superepion parking bay.

Q11How does the school manage hygiene?

School staff clean the facilities daily. Everyday we clean by vacuuming and with a wet rag. Once a week we put antiseptic on toys and wash bed clothing, slippers and stuffed toys.