At an international preschool, Superepion, students are totally immersed in English speaking environment. Children are learning foreign cultures by placing games, eating, singing and having fun through various activities.

Japanese target:6 months ~3rd grade at primary school


*Actual events used as of December 2014. Events since then have been planned accordingly

Parent’s Meeting

Orientation for the new school year is held.
Teacher talks about the classroom rules and a yearly target in addition to the basic contents of the lesson and the ways to use textbooks.

Mother’s day

Children makes pendants for their beloved mothers they love by putting a sense of gratitude in them.

Father’s day

Let's make presents for our fathers! Making paper fans for fathers who work very hard for us! We've had a lot of fun with our fathers.

Summer School

School excursion to the airport as an outdoor activity At school we fully enjoy a summer festival by acting like Ninjas with one of our teachers, Jim.

Halloween Party

We all wore cute costumes. Making our original candy. bags.We said, "Trick or treat!" and got lots of candy.

Family Day

This is a great opportunity to let parents see how hard children are working on English and how much they are enjoying the program. Children sometimes depend on parents a little too much. But by receiving a lot of praise, they feel motivated and say "I will try harder."

Christmas Party

Children celebrate Christmas by singing Christmas songs, playing games and other activities. They will be able to meet Santa Claus.

Winter School

Superepion has a lot of games and activities associated with winter as well as making costumes for the Christmas event.Making calendars for the next year and cooking are also popular activities.

Spring School

Outdoor EventsPlaying Olympic games and Pony Riding in the park! Making sandwiches and going on a picnic! Indoor EventsMaking Spring Roll for an Easter Egg event! Decorating albums with memories!