At an international preschool, Super Epion, students are totally immersed in English speaking environment. Children are learning foreign cultures by placing games, eating, singing and having fun through various activities.

Japanese target:6 months ~3rd grade at primary school

comments from the parents

-Interview 01-

What motivated you to let your children learn at Super Epion?

First of all, I found your leaflet in the paper and I thought the quality of the program would be high. Because the school is associated with Mabuchi School. And I was impressed by the sunny classroom and the staffs. So I made s snap decision to enroll in this school.

What makes you happy at Super Epion?

I wanted my children to improve practical skills and develop a sense of independence since they are 3 years old. They have become very active and I can see their English has been improving day by day, which is leading to the acquis ion of the confidence.

Since your children started to study at Super Epion, have there been any incidentsthat made you realize the improvement of their English?

Recently my kids tend to choose books on music and movies in English.Sometimes children unconsciously use English in daily life and I hear the use English when they play with friends. They occasionally correct the pronunciation of us parents. We believe this is a sign of their masteringthe right pronunciation of English.In addition to that, they are willing to find their roles in the daily life. We believe this is a sign of the acquision of a sense of independence.

What's the impression of an environment where all the school life is conducted in English?

I absolutely believe this is a great idea! Children seem to naturally acquire a habit of thinking in English The mother says what their children acquire in English owes a lot to the environment of Super Epion. We asked questions to the mother of Yuna and Yusuke. In the early days when they were at school, they sometimes cried, because the atmosphere of Super Epion is completely different from the ones they know. They adjusted themselves to this new environment quickly and they are now enjoying studying at school.

What is your expectation of English study from now on?

I want them to continuously enjoy studying English even after they graduate from preschool.I'd be very happy if they become to be able to speak English freely and use it as a tool in their jobs in future.