At an international preschool, Super Epion, students are totally immersed in English speaking environment. Children are learning foreign cultures by placing games, eating, singing and having fun through various activities.

Japanese target:6 months ~3rd grade at primary school


Class Schedule

Children acquire English skills in a structured way and a step-by-step manner.



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7 Course Students can choose along with the purpose of study

First Adventure
1 and a half year ~
2 and a half year olds

Spending time with a teacher and no mother is an adventure for children. They enjoy English songs, physical activities and making crafts, to naturallly acquire the rhythms particular to the English language. As a course preparatory for Pre School Class, this course will relieve any concern mothers have such as whether my child can join a circle of friends or whether my child can complete the program without crying.

2 and a half years olds ~
6 years olds

Children cultivate affinity and interests in English by having fun with foreign teachers and friends for a long time. They enjoy singing English songs and dance, walking around the school, making crafts, working on group games and reading picture books along with monthly targets. Super Epion provide children with the same environment as the one where native speakers of English are brought up.

After School
3 ~ 6 years old who come
only for after school program

This course adds more complicated elements such as cooking, nature observation, experiment and cross cultural understanding. The purpose of this is to widen the English language so that it more closely relates to daily life.

6 months ~
2 years old

Mothers stay in class with their children. Foreign teachers facilitate the class by introducing parental care and play useful in daily life. Many activities are planned in accordance with the students' developmental stage. In this stage, children build up an important foundation for mastering English.

Preschool Plus
4 ~ 6
years old

This is further advanced course for Pre School graduates. Children are encouraged to communicate in English with foreign teachers and friends by using worksheets and doing activities with letters, numbers and shapes. ※This course is for 4 years old or older children who come to school more than 3 times a week. They'd need to have an experience of learning practical English for one year or more.

After School Advance
4 ~ 6 years old
who come only for
after school program

This is a high level class of the After-School Class. This is designed for students with fundamental skills in English who wish to expect further improvement in English.

After School Elementary
1st ~ 3rd grade
at primary school

This course is for elementary school students who want to have worthwhile after-school time and to continue studying English when they finish the "After-School" program at Super Epion. The aim of this course is to improve 4 skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as to tackle more versatile themes than the ones used in "After-School" program.