At an international preschool, Super Epion, students are totally immersed in English speaking environment. Children are learning foreign cultures by placing games, eating, singing and having fun through various activities.

Japanese target:6 months ~3rd grade at primary school

About Us

About Super Epion

Children speak only English from morning till evening.This environment makes children absorb English language unconsciously through their 5 senses

Super Epion is an international school established with the concept that
"Once you step into the school, you will immerse yourself in a real American life."
All the classroom activities are carried out in English.
Needless to say, all the staff at our schools including teachers speak only English.
The Japanese teachers who support students at school can handle both Japanese and English.
So you can feel at ease no matter what the English language level of your children may be.


    It makes you feel like you're living in America!

    We are not a nursery school nor after school care center using English but an international preschool putting the main focus on English education.
    Rather than the atmosphere of a kindergarten or elementary school in America, it's more like studying overseas to obtain high quality of education.

  • Development of "the skill to think in English"

    Our programs have targets to reach and the curriculum for that is based on.
    It's not just spending long hours with foreigners.

    At many a preschool and after school care center, the majority of the classroom hours are so-called "free time" when foreigners center most of the classroom hours on speaking.
    They don't have learning objectives and curriculums, where children are spending time with foreigners who can speak English.
    Super Epion is equipped with original curriculums and monthly targets.
    The programs are carried out in line with set themes.
    With these programs, children become able to express themselves in English without translating Japanese into English and acquire "the skill to think in English."

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Total English Immersion Program
All the classroom activities including the directions from the teacher are implemented in English. At our school, children enjoy their daily life with English teachers by playing games, eating lunch and snack, singing and working on various tasks. Eventually, children naturally acquire communication skills in English. Our native English teachers run the class activities as the main teacher, while bilingual Japanese teachers support the children in the classroom activities.
A range of Programs
Children experience various games, role-play activities, literacy games, cooking and science experiment in an ideal environment where they are respected as a private individual. Songs and activities employed in a class are all related to specific seasons and cultures, common practice in various foreign countries. Besides these classroom activities, children participate in various events all through the year.
Picking the right class for your child
Super Epion offers various classes that suit your child's age and developmental stage. Before we make a suggestion about the class, we carefully monitor how children behave and gather much information from the parents. And we suggest a certain course that may help children go independent from parents or another course that focuses on the improvement of speaking skill.
Flexible Learning Schedule
The more days children come to school, the quicker they improve their English. Children could come to school even once a day, which won't be too much burden for children. Parents can easily increase the days to come in accordance with children's circumstances. Brothers and sisters can take the same class if they are in the same age category.